Italian Panforte Cake

Italian Panforte Cake & a Giveaway!

For years, mum and I have ogled over those beautiful Italian Panforte cakes, in specialty shops and the like. Not content with ‘just another Christmas pudding,’ we’ve trialled a rather boozy Sticky date only pud-hybrid, for previous Christmas days. Along with the ubiquitous ice cream medley & plum pudding mash up, that we Aussies love… 

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Cuckoo Callay.

Out and about eating in Sydney at Cuckoo Callay, Newtown.

Out and about eating in Sydney at Cuckoo Callay, Newtown. There are many times when I’m looking for that perfect little inner city spot when out and about. I’d certainly stumbled across Cuckoo Callay before, on my way back and forth to Newtown Station. Most recently though, I stopped to sample some of their sit… 

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Cranberry & Pecan Stuffing

Cranberry & Pecan stuffing for a festive season.

Say hello to the holidays, with a generous bowl of fruity studded, nutty filled, comfort and this Cranberry & Pecan stuffing, for a festive season. I don’t know about you, but I can almost smell the holiday season. We are literally a month out from Christmas now and I’m pretty much dreaming of yummy things… 

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Baby news

A Bump in the Road.

Ok, so I might have been a bit absent of late. Truth be told, I’ve been working on a special recipe these last few months. In fact, this special recipe (aka my bun,) won’t be ready until next year at least… In April! I’m going to apologise firstly because nausea has won out most days,… 

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Spider Bread Hack

Halloween recipes to get your spook on.

Need some Halloween recipes to get your spook on? Then look no further than my top three! We all need a little fun every now & then! I long for three top things to experience one day, in the northern hemisphere. The first is a genuine, bona fide Hallows Eve, the second a proper Thanksgiving… 

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