Some Like It Hot! Chilli Chorizo Rice

Sometimes I feel like turning the heat up in the kitchen. I have a very steady supply of these super dooper spicy chillies (courtesy) of my balcony garden. I have so many in fact, that my significant other has his steady supply of quick-eze (antacid) on hand too. Today is a homage to all things spicy, Chorizo, Paprika, Chillies and me (joke!)

As it’s a bit of a cheats dish (aka quick & relatively easy) I’ll outline a basic recipe in (my new chapter, recipes!) This dish sits somewhere between a risotto and paella, at least where some of the methods are concerned!

Time: 45 mins


2 chorizo sausages
2 Roma tomatoes diced,
Handful of green beans, sliced into equal lengths,
1 cup of peas
1 red onion diced,
1 red capsicum, cut into thin strips
Chillies to taste chopped roughly
3 garlic cloves sliced thinly
1 cup of arborio rice
Saffron threads, pre soaked in warm water
Few parsley stalks & lime wedges for garnishing
Olive oil
Freshly boiled water from the kettle


Slice the chorizo on the diagonal, pan fry get them in olive oil, (brown evenly) then set aside in a small bowl.

In the same pan, add the red onion and saute with the arborio rice. Stir until glossy all over.

Add the diced tomatoes, capsicum strips, garlic and chilli, (to taste.)Pour a little hot water over the sizzling rice along with saffron threads.

At this point stop stirring the rice and give the pan a little shake to redistribute contents. The aim of this is to start forming a golden crust on the bottom of the pan

Add the reserved chorizo pieces, topping up the water if it looks too dry. (A simple splash of hot water will suffice,)

Once the rice begins to look plump and fluffy (after 5-8 mins or so) add the green beans and peas. You can stir the top of the rice a little if you need to mix the beans and peas in. Just be careful not to break up the bottom of the pan.

Leave to rest on a very low heat and check again after 10 minutes. Finally, serve with lime wedges alongside and chopped parsley to garnish. I like to keep the crust intact with the fluffy bits of rice on the side…


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