Summer Days…& green pea pesto

Yesterday I spent my summers day indoors, doing precision cuts in culinary class. I Julienne, Jardienere, Macedone and Brunoise my vegetables until I had some perfect (and some not so perfect) delicate specimens. I’d never thought these possible, whilst yielding a gigantic Cook’s knife, but possible they were.

In lieu of that, I decided today’s lunch would definitely be frenzy free. The kind of lunch you wash, chop and blitz to yumminess. No I didn’t make soup, but Pea Pesto is not far behind it. With some Roquette, Chorizo, Golden Potatoes and Ricotta it was the nearly perfect, summers day dish…


Pea pesto, or a very fancy kinda mushy pea…


Ingredients: makes approx 1.5 cups or so,

1 cup of peas (I’ve used frozen,)
Handful of Basil,
Few sprigs of Thyme,
Few sprigs of Parsley,
2 tbsp Parmesan grated,
Salt & Pepper to taste
3 tbsp Olive oil – approx
Freshly boiled water.
Handful of ricotta (optional)

Simply blanch the Peas in hot water for 10-15 seconds. Refresh under cold water and place in (food processor) or mortar & pestle.

Add the herbs and pulse/grind gently to bring the mixture together. (Very important, don’t mush too far as you want to retain some shape of the actual peas!)

Drizzle in olive oil till it emulsifies and finally season with salt and pepper to taste. As a finishing touch add some ricotta (if you like.)


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    Glad to see the humble pea can stir up some conversation! Yes, I think the only method to all that precision cutting is to blitz everything into oblivion! @almostnothingbutmusic, how handy that your daughter is a Chef! :)

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