Home gardening 101…

Zucchini rampage, I can’t believe how incredibly dark & sultry these are…

I’m home!!! It’s such a delight to come home and visit my folks. There’s a real peace from visiting my hometown which is set on the edge of vineyards, permaculture, cheese farms and honey hives. Truly, it’s a fairly modern town called Launceston, (Tasmania) with a population of 105,000 or so but you can still go fishing, eat strawberries plucked straight from a farm, see a chocolate/truffle factory, all 20 mins drive from the main heart of the city.

I’m here to enjoy some sights, sounds and dinners with pals. I’m especially going to potter about in the sunshine in my folk’s garden and forage about till my hearts content…

Time for some home gardening 101…go totally organic of course! Rejoice in the imperfections and relish in the variety of colours which come from mutiple varieties, here’s a few which (my folks) prepared earlier!

Little Baby Bok Choy, there’s a very hungry caterpillar me thinks!

Tommy’s my fave!!! Wish these little green ones would hurry up already!

Last blooms of the summer mint…

Yes! It’s a yellow cucumber and apparently these are an Asian specialty! So don’t be surprised if you’re ever come across one in the salade…

Last and not the least it’s the very last of the snow apples! There are a few of these branches dotted about in the main yard, the driveway, (you get the picture) but only a handful of snow apples for me…

Singular imperfect but still darn tasty

Tasty Trio

The one who didn’t make it…poor little apple…may he grow back as a tall tree one day…

Apologies as there was no time to cook today! I will get back to you all, with some tasty dishes from my families restaurant, some bread I’ve currently got on the go and lots, lots more!

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      Thank you! How funny that everyone’s off doing a bit of sightseeing too at the moment. It must be great to get back to your folks and the US I’m sure you have many favourite food haunts you look forward to visiting too :)

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    No apologies for not cooking… i LOVE the gardening photos!!!!!!! As it’s late fall for you it is early Springtime for us, and I just about can’t stand it! My apple trees have their first buds, balloon flowers are just poking their little leaves out of the dirt, blue jade corns are about 10cm tall… and you somehow make me not even resent the very hungry caterpillar ;)
    One of my favorite posts of yours so far, and that’s saying a lot :) Have fun being ‘home’ !!

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      Oh wow! That’s really awesome Deb, (I didn’t know) you have apple trees too? It’s really lovely and I’m enjoying it a lot! Will be posting later on re my folks restaurant so hopefully you’ll enjoy looking at the east meets west view to my cooking!

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      I’m doing a Roast so quite a few of those lovelies will be utilized tonight! Lau ceston is a gorgeous temperate climate, similar to NZ I think so you’d definitely feel at home!

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    Back to nature, looks quite wonderful! Just starting seeds here. So relaxing to garden or just take in the beauty of our efforts of working the land and claiming our bounty!

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      There’s something really calming out playing Ina real garden! I have balcony pot plants back home and (my guy) tends to do most of the garden work and as a result we have a variety of herbs, tomatoes and strawberries which I love! I don’t know if anything trumps having apples trees in the driveway though

      Look forward to seeing pics of your home gardening efforts too :)

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    I cannot wait to garden! those apples are really gorgeous! The zucchini are so dark I thought they were eggplant! we havent even planted yet here -Im excited!

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      My folks would have planted these at the end of spring here (so that’s November) Mum & I only harvested these yesterday so it took about 5 months. I was reallys truck by the colours of the veg as everything looked so different to how I’d normally see them in the supermarket! Just really vivid and unusual colourings for sure…

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    Ugh, I’m so indescribably jealous. Cheese farms? Fresh honey? Zucchini rampages? Girl, you are living the dream!

    Did your folks have any problems going organic? What do they use as pest control?
    Can they come feed me?! :)

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      Well it’s only a small garden and we were so lucky to move in with three established apple trees (about 15) years ago. Along the way they’ve lost a Fuji apple tree and the Lemon tree too. In regards to pests they don’t really do anything. I think their two jack Russell terriers might have something to do with pest control though. No lizard or bug goes unwatched aside from that sneaky caterpillar with a taste for Bok Choy…

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