Snap shots & tasty things…

So wonderful to cook for those you love… I could call this a re-run as I’m baking & cooking for my parents from recipes I’ve made for you before but of course, I threw in a few modifications.

lumpy but lovely

Snapshot 1 # Walnut Bread made with the 24hr Honey Biga starter

beetroot jam & cheddar,

Snapshot 2# good old chicken in a pot, or Chicken en Poule


And voila, an hour and a half later…

all roasty & toasty…

Sorry for the repeat performance, but truly, some favourites are simply worth it.

Promise I’ll be returning tomorrow with something new as (my dear mum) has promised to make me one of my favourite yum cha dishes…for dinner! Stay tuned…

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  1. says

    Re-run or not, that chicken looks fabulous. Every time I see someone use a french word to describe how they’ve cooked chicken I’m afraid I’m about to see flabby, unbrowned chicken skin.. which seriously makes me gag. Your chicken is beautiful.. all other chicken should aspire to be so tan. :-D

    • says

      I’m so pleased that you like a good roast chook and equally happy that you like my happy snaps! It’s definitely one of my favourite things ever to make and I know I just keep on making them too! Still away on the girls trip with my mum & sister but hoping to post re some fantastic food soon!

    • says

      We’ll see!!! I think my parents were just happy to have someone else cook for a change! Melbourne will be presenting done amazing food ops when (we fly out) tomorrow for the girls weekend away! Feeling slightly lazy today as I haven’t cooked but enjoying it all the same!!!

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