Torte or Tarts?


We’re nearing Winter here in the southern hemisphere. Alas, the last of the warm weather fruits from up in northern sub tropic Queensland is also nearing its end. I had some beautiful strawberries which were longing to be baked into something moreish, but whether to do a Torte or a tart I simply couldn’t decide?


In the end, the last of the chestnut meal also won out and the scent of meringue, cocoa and chestnut torte filled the house. Nothing like a fresh strawberry compote with grated chocolate & thick cream to kick start the weekend.


The original recipe for these meringues can be found here at Short Stack, Tall Stacks fresh berries, compote, passionfruit or banana, the options are endless…


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    • says

      I’ve used almond meal in the previous recipe, but as we’re in Autumn here chestnuts are in season. I roast them for snacks, pulse and dry whatever’s leftover for baking! It’s the nut that keeps on giving, lol :)

      There’s still some left, I’d seriously consider a slice for Saturday morning breakkie with the newspapers and a cuppa!

        • says

          I’m surprised they’re a bit exxy over in the states as I’d always considered Australia to have the mark up (just because we’re sooooo far away!) I agree that nothing beats freshly roasted during the cooler months though, :)

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