Of Lentils & Lambs…

Here we go again, the Sunday roast! This dish is made on a base of those teeny, itty, bitty Puy Lentils and a smattering of garlic, herbs & onion. Add a generous Leg of Lamb and slow roast for hours. See here for previous Lamb recipes or the 8 hr slow roast method. There’s also a braised vegetable dish of Brussel Sprouts and Fennel with goes gorgeously with the lentils. Enjoy a little or a lot, it’s up to you…

Puy Lentils, bay leaves, rosemary, garlic and onion…

Junee Lamb, stamp of approval with a nice squeeze of lemon over that skin and a good rub of salt and olive oil.

Some good hours later… pile up the lentils on the side, garnish with some fennel fronds and reserve the roasting liquid for stocks

In a wide pan add couple of handfuls of Brussel Sprouts, some Fennel quartered and sliced, along with a sprinkle of sugar, salt and red wine vinegar to taste.

Pan fry over a very high heat. The outer leaves of the sprouts should be deeply charred and also nice & crispy. Add a good crack of black pepper and stir some of those lovely silky lentils through. Serve braised veggies alongside the Lamb and get into that food!