Old School Custard Tart


Spices and old school custard tarts

Vanilla pods, Nutmeg, Sugar & Eggs,


Old fashioned Treats. To this day I still love perusing ‘that’ bakery window and seeing all the lovely things on offer. Big fluffy meringues, Rum & Raisin slice with sugar sprinkles on top or those happy little Gingerbread Men, all dressed up and nowhere to go!

One of those favourite’s also being a Custard Tart, or Flan and that extra special sprinkle of Nutmeg on top, that’s just like Christmas… So if you’re feeling like a good old fashioned treat, try this Old School Custard Tart today!

Time: 1:30 if making pastry from scratch, or allow 45 mins to set the filling if using pre bought.


You’ll need 1-2 medium (blind baked) puff pastry cases recipe link here or buy a Pre-baked shortcrust shell.


4 egg yolks,
1 cup of cream 1/2 cup of whole milk,
1/2 vanilla pod, or 1/2 tbsp vanilla essence
1/2 nutmeg grated (or use 1 tsp ground)
1/4 cup of caster sugar,
Pinch of salt

You’ll also need a mixing bowl, whisk and some measuring cups too.


Preheat oven to 180C (356F)
In a mixing bowl add the sugar, vanilla seeds from (the pod) and the four egg yolks.

Add the milk and cream,

Whisk custard until combined and pour into shortcrust shell,


Grate the nutmeg over the top of the custard mix.

Bake in the oven for 20-25 mins, or until the centre is only slighty wobbly.

Rest the tart in the oven for 5 mins after.

Serve whilst still warm, for that cozy feeling inside!


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    • says

      Ooo! I’m glad it makes others as flibber, flubbery as I. The boys devoured that flan after the fishing trip, that’s what happens when you sit on a cold wet rock for 7 hrs with no food!!!

    • says

      Mmm, sweet, silky custard that oozes! I think in the US they traditionally have this without the shortcrust (pie crust) but I kind of need something to hold all that custard together! Better yet, to mix it together literally takes 10 mins (if you buy pre-bought crust) then bake for 20-25 and done!

    • says

      It’s just the perfect thing after a spot of fishing (which is what my guy and his best mate) did all day long! They pretty much devoured dinner, waiting two minutes and then devoured that tart! Heh, heh, I helped of course!

  1. says

    Ooohh, yum. Your custard tart looks like a welcoming dish with a nice cup of tea. I’ll have to try out your recipe…but first I must need to procure me a flan pan. :)

  2. says

    Thats so cute! You saw the flan pan and thought of me!!! Nutmeg, eggs and milk, just short of brandy & some mistletoe now! Feels like Christmas in July is just around the corner ;)

  3. says

    I was running through the “Home Goods” store the other day looking for a new pie pan, but all they had were flan pans…and I thought of you! I’ll file this lovely recipe away and look forward to trying it next Christmas. :-)

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