Four cities in five days…or 2,294 kilometers & 1,426 miles

Road Trip up ahead.

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So, it’s a big week ahead. My sweetheart and I are flying to Tasmania, stopping by to my mum & dad’s. Picking up our (soon-to-be-car) driving to catch our overnight cruise across the Tasman Sea (and crossing Bass Strait, one of the roughest oceans in the Southern Hemisphere…gulp!) Arriving back to the mainland in Victoria, stopping by to see my sister briefly. Back in the car, driving again to the ACT (our country’s Capitol) and finally stopping to spend time with my sweetheart’s family. Plus along the way, it’ll be someone’s birthday too, whew!

Can we do this in five days & more…I certainly hope so! Will I get a chance to cook along the way…errr…eventually. However, I will certainly be checking in from time to time, with some great photos, great feasts and stories.

Until then…Happy cooking

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      Thanks Deb. There will definitely be food snaps on the way with a trip to my folks restaurant per usual, some vineyards and of course the overnight cruise! hopefully the weather will be good in the ACT & I can utilise the inlaws BBQ :)

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