How to Make Classic Dinner Rolls


Sometime back, I began experimenting with all kinds of bread recipes. It (of course) began as a way to enjoy Homemade Bread, test my baking skills and to see what all the fuss was about?

After viewing countless bakeries, piled high with baked goods and seeing Artisan bread going at $9-$10 a loaf (sometimes in Sydney.) I began experimenting with The plastic bag bread (& shortcuts.) Through to the 24hr Honey Biga Starter and more recently, a Black Bread, made with cocoa & stout.


Ironically enough, my Sweetheart at home likes his bread ‘Plain & White!’ So much so in fact, that he requested a simple, light & fluffy roll (to go) with our dinner….that means no 24hr starters with beer infused cocoa, or honey scented crusts!

I give you hence the classic white roll.

It’s waiting for you now. Waiting to be passed around the table. Waiting to echo that delicious crack as you break open that lovely crust. Waiting to be slathered in butter.

A silent moment for the dinner roll please…

Classic Dinner Rolls

500g strong flour
10g salt
5g sugar
10g fat/or butter
14g dried yeast
300 ml warm water.

(Optional) Poppy seeds & semolina to dust.

Makes 9 medium (man-size rolls!) or 12 petite dinner rolls. Your choice!

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    • says

      Thank you Hungry Mum. I try to be a clever clogs, but currently my clogs keep me busy in the new year! Looking forward to normal life resuming after Sydney Festival, but we’re nearly there!!!

  1. says

    Hey! I remember you posting this one. . I wrote a comment and the post disappeared! Glad to see it again! love the addition of the poppy seeds and as always, love the video!

    • says

      I made these again today, using 100g wholemeal flour and 400g white and they were delicious. My dad asked if I could make them crispier on top so I tried sprinkling water on them before baking and it did give a crunchier crust. This is fast becoming my favourite bread recipe. :-)

      • says

        I’m very honoured to read that Lorna. Please tell you dad I think that’s a genius tip too. I’ve baked lots of rolls in my time at home and the student kitchen so will hopefully perfect many more yummy recipes like these!

        • says

          I’m looking forward to seeing them, I love your recipes (and your fantastic wee videos). I made the sausage rolls a couple of days ago with veggie sausages and they went down very well – thank you! :-) My dad will be very pleased by your comment.

          • says

            I’m impressed! I dare say you’ve done far more baking than myself this week! I hope you tried the snip technique for the pastry too? One of the simplest and loveliest ways to finish the pastry too!

            Have a great week!

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