Blogiversaries and Savoury Bread Puddings for a fresh brunch idea.

Hello foodies! Today I bring you some fresh brunch ideas, on the occasion of my second blogiversary and this recipe for Savoury Bread Puddings.

As I’m also in my first week back at school, I’m struck by the fact it’s my final year of studies as a commercial cookery chef.

Wow! my final year….

It means I’ll really have to put my head down this year, as I strive to finish some (fairly big assignments.) Of course, work deadlines will always loom. Though for now, I’m in a stress free zone…at least until tomorrow…bye, bye, chocolate…


Entry for Shoot the Chef 2013, from girl in a food frenzy via @instagram

As for this blog, it first began as a way to document my studies and all the delicious recipes I’d be creating and testing and testing again, (plus a whole lot more,) over those three years.

It’s actually amazing to reach my third year at all. I was placed into a class with Working Apprentices. Me, the home cook who spent the last 10 years working in design, with 60hr weekly apprentices practicing their skills day in and out… I was so nervous!

As the story goes, it lead to my ongoing love with Instagram and my efforts to achieve the best with what I could learn in mobile photography.

I was lucky to be selected for a small feature too, (which I celebrated for months afterwards) for this Pear Tart from Jamie Magazine

I was so happy. It truly gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my goals to eventually combine my love of design and food.

For those who’ve been watching,  you would know I signed with the Tastemade Network late last year and that I was so very fortunate to meet some fellow Sydney foodies, for my first mobile photography workshop too.

And so…after two big years I’ve finally decided to move ahead and give this blog a well overdue overhaul.

Which means, sadly that Girl in a Food Frenzy will be quiet for a little while, (whilst) she gets some well needed maintenance done. And yes, the site will be offline to eventually return,

Bigger, Brighter, Shinier & New!

Before I depart, you should know that you can still get your Food frenzy fix via my social media links on Instagram, Twitter, Google and Facebook, (follow via the widgets in the sidebar.)

There will still be lots of delicious recipes and foodie adventures on my YouTube and Tastemade app-i-sodes, so you won’t go hungry!


Blogiversaries and Savoury Bread Puddings, for a fresh brunch ideas.

You can totally find more delicious recipes like the above Savoury Bread Puddings, to fill that little void in your tummies, whilst you wait.

I promise it will be a very worthwhile wait at that…

Savoury Bread Puddings:

If you’re looking for a smart way to make this veggie friendly, then perhaps a slice of fresh tomato (in place of the Ham,) or a nice handful of spinach between each layer could work? Otherwise read on for the ingredients list below.

1 bread roll,
2 eggs, whisked
A splash of milk
A slice of jamon or ham
Parmesan cheese to garnish
Chives to garnish
Salt & pepper to taste
Freshly grated nutmeg

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  1. says

    you rock my world.
    I love these videos SO much.
    This bread pudding is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for posting these. WOW. Can I suggest a video on how to make something CHOCOLATE?!!!

    • says

      Always, always welcome! this is my best use for left over bread yet and uber tasty! I went out today and bought two blocks of chocolate as per your request. There will be a recipe just for you coming up soon, x

  2. says

    I am now so hungry after watching that video! Lol! Alli you are so impressive and I cannot wait to see what you do next. I’ve got to get on the stick and get some tastemade videos posted. Just so many things to do and not enough time. :) Happy Tuesday!!

    • says

      Hi Karista, I’ve no doubt you’d create some beautiful videos. Especially with those chicks & your sassy gals! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the video, I’ve been steadily creating more for when the new blog (is live.) Hopefully I can continue to keep everyone hungry & inspired. Have wonderful week!

  3. says

    I’m coming in a bit late here but happy blog birthday! We’re almost blog twins! This sounds like the beginning of a huge adventure for you so best of luck with all your new endeavours. And the savoury pudding idea is a real winner – love it :)

    • says

      Thank you Raymund! I’m loving the journey to graduation. It’s both fruitful and tasty! As for the blogiversary (it still feels like) baby steps but hopefully the blog is on it’s way to bigger and better things. I have much, much more to learn yet!

  4. says

    Happy blogiversary! Not sure which to express first: my sadness or happiness…. I will miss your blogs but am really excited to see what you are working on! Looking forward to seeing you back soon.

    • says

      Thank you so much! I’ll still be about doing videos on YouTube and snapping away on Instagram (over the next month.) The blog will be up for a while longer, (but) there will be a fair amount of behind the scenes happening!

      I’ll be very excited to share some of the new features! Take care :)

  5. says

    Happy blogiversary Alice!!! Woop… two years is a pretty big occasion! I’m approaching my big T-W-O in May of this year, quite excited to have survived this long as a blogger whilst also working full-time. Anyway, back to the OTHER congrats on reaching the final year of your studies! So excited for you. Such good things are ahead, I know it!! xx

    • says

      Thanks Laura! I’ve really enjoyed my journey thus far and I’m also amazed that there’s been such an amazing world, via cooking blogging and the whole social media layer (on top of) learning as a chef. Happy cooking, good luck for the year & I look forward to reading about your big T-W-O too!

  6. says

    Happy Anniversary Alice. I still laugh when I see the (remaining) pickled chipotle, from Richard, marked “Alice Lau” in my fridge. I used the penultimate one in a nice 4 variety chili on the weekend. Delicious.

    • says

      Hi Connor. I laugh too whenever I hear that story! I’m still using Richard’s adobo spice rub and I love the smokiness of those chillies. Between you and me, I think he has a flourishing business on the side if he wants one…

  7. says

    That is such a sweet picture. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. I’m feeling the same way after a couple years… but I’m not quite there. Sending you inspiration and creativity! cheers, wendy

    • says

      Thank you Wendy! It’s my class picture which I took as an entry for Shoot The Chef, (a national competition) they have here in Australia. It’s amazing to think I’m in my final year, it’s a relief to know I got this far too!

  8. says

    Happy Blogaversary! Keep up the awesome recipes and delicious photos! I LOVE savory bread pudding recipes, esp. for breakfast. Have you seen mine with chorizo? Okay, now I’m hungry. That seems to happen every time I read your blog! ;)

  9. says

    A very happy 2nd anniversary, Alice! Thank you for all you’ve brought us over the past couple of years and I hope you’re not away too long – I’ll miss the frenzy! I quite often make a sweet bread and butter pudding but I’ve never made a savoury one. This looks delicious, I’ll have to try a veggie version, I like the idea of tomato or spinach in place of the ham. (I echo Katherine’s sentiments, by the way, you deliver your posts with such warmth and humility, it’s delightful.)

    • says

      Thank you so much Lorna! All that time ago and you were one of my first subscribers. I hope I can continue to bring worthwhile recipes and stories to you, along with a bit of a chuckle along the way. I feel as though I’ve learnt so much and still have a lot more to learn. In the meantime, I’ll be about via YouTube and Twitter etc.

      We can still chat cake & Teatime!

  10. Katherine says

    Wow! Congrats on your 3rd blog year! & last year of school – time flies when you’re mad busy doesn’t it!! Looking forward to blog update, knowing you it will be amazing. You’ve certainly accomplished a lot, so much to be proud of, I’ve always admired especially how you couple your skills equally with grace & humility, rare indeed! Sorry I don’t always comment but I had to write you this quick comment, & in the meantime enjoy that stress-free zone! Big hugs & love to you

    • says

      Thank you Katherine! It’s quite amazing to think that time has just flown by!!! It all began as a way to document the food I was creating, via Instagram. As you know it just kept rolling from there to the blog, the videos and now “who knows!” I always appreciate that we can chat via IG and never apologise for anything. Truly, I feel grateful to have met so many fellow foodies in this time :) Happy Cooking x

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