Spanish Tortilla Recipe, or how to survive off the contents of your bare pantry!



Spud Loving

I love a one pan wonder. I love a Spanish Tortilla.

Some of the best things in life are made with the simplest of ingredients.
The marriage of those flavours can take you back to the first time you tried them, (maybe perched in a little inner city cafe?) On a jaunt around the world (Madrid anyone?) Or simply because you always put potatoes into your ommlette, because (like me) you love need a carb fest too.

egg loving.jpg

egg loving and spanish tortillas.

egg shells.jpg

egg shells

There’s always room in life for stand alone recipes, (for which) your pantry ingredients can come to the rescue.

Example, “I had a … busy week & the only ingredients we have left in my fridge/pantry (before I wake up and go to the supermarket again) are…” 2 x potatoes, 3 eggs, 1 onion…

Or, best friends are coming by for a brunch at home and I forgot to shop…whaaat? the only things I have left are…2 potatoes, eggs and 1 onion….and hopefully booze!

Well you get the picture. This could happen and if you’re a busy person in a general frenzy throughout the week, you need easy food days too!

prep for spanish tortillas.jpg

prep for spanish tortillas

So what kind of prep can you expect from a dish like this. You could expect to simply peel a couple of potatoes. Salt them generously, chop an onion and beat an egg, or two, or three.

Even better, this recipe can be used to mix it up with any other delicious leftovers or lone veg in your fridge or pantry too. Carrots? For sure. Sweet potato or Pumpkin, absolutely.

Will it still be Spanish, err perhaps not. Will it still be tasty? You can be certain!

Spanish Tortialla recipe, Ole.jpg

Spanish Tortilla Recipe, Ole!

2 x medium sized potatoes,
3 x whole eggs, larger the better,
1 brown onion diced,
salt to taste
olive oil, as needed.

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  1. says

    Carbs & eggs together?! BRING IT! I need to remember this delish recipe next time I’m short of time/ingredients/energy. And I reckon pumpkin would be a sterling addition.

  2. says

    Your tortilla looks great. I’ve been incredibly busy for the last couple of weeks and have been cooking out of my pantry as well. I’ve made a couple of frittatas lately but finish them in the oven…your way is very quick. :)

  3. says

    Fantastic. Love this! I actually have most of the things required for a tortilla in my fridge at the moment… for some reason I didn’t think of making one until now! You’ve solved the Friday-night-at-home dinner problem. Takeout? No longer required!! x

  4. says

    Alice, i love everything about this post! First of all, your videos ROCK. Seriously. I can’t stop watching and drooling! And your photos are gorgeous. This spanish tortilla looks incredible. I love how simple yet flavourful it is. There’s so little time during the week that a recipe like this is a godsend. Thanks girl!

  5. says

    You took me back in time there, I can taste those comforting mouthfuls just looking at your fork delving into that tortilla. I had a Spanish flatmate for a while and she made the most delicious omelettes, exactly like this. I can still taste it now and I’m going to give your recipe a whirl. Thank you! :-)

    • says

      Hi Lorna, I’m so happy to hear that! I only just remember, that you spent time in Spain & Ibiza. Some days I just want something simple and we always seem to have eggs, onion & potatoes in the house. I hope this recipe takes you back to your travels too!

      • says

        You’re quite right that this reminds me of travels, too. I remember having tapas in Mallorca that included delicious tortilla. I don’t always have potatoes in the house, but I must be sure to have them on standby more often and remember this when I need a quick one pan wonder.

        • says

          Thanks Lorna, that’s the truest compliment. :) Have yet to visit Spain but you can be certain my tastebuds travel all the time! I’m enjoying a few more time saving recipes and no cook options myself at the moment. plus, #iheartspuds

          • says

            Spain’s a very long way from you. I know you travel with your tastebuds, and you take us along on your travels too, which is the great thing. :-) I made your tortilla today – delicious!

  6. says

    Definitely making this, maybe tomorrow, since potatoes are dangerously close to sprouting. And will crumble bacon on top! Yum, Alice!

    • says

      The cafe music is the best bit too! Loving simple ingredients with minimum fuss right now. I’m sure you have quite a few spring time dishes in store for the changing seasons ahead :)

  7. says

    This looks use delightful, Alice! And a great way to show that there is no need to starve hehe you can always make something delicious with some eggs and an imagination :)

    • says

      Thanks K. There’s definitely a one pan wonder we always go to. If only I knew about this growing up as a time poor student when I was younger. Lol, still time poor, still a student part time and still working, so it just got crazier!

  8. says

    Alice, I love a one pan wonder as well!!! This is great and sometimes this is how the best meals are created. . by simply throwing together what you have in the pantry . .it looks delicious and glad you were able to come to the rescue the brunch with this fabulous dish! LOVE!

    • says

      Likewise Alice. I can’t ever imagine you being disorganized like me though. I thought it was high time I highlight some of the make-it-quick dishes I enjoy, (before) I hit the shops to replenish.

  9. says

    Good grief, where was this yesterday before I threw all my onions and potatoes in a curry when lacking further inspiration?! D’UH! Why, WHY didn’t I think tortilla?! Cause now, of course, that’s all I want! Yum.

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