Water Village

Top destinations for travel in Shanghai & Hangzhou (aka) A girl’s food frenzy in China.

Pudong, Shanghai. Home to some of the tallest buildings in the world. Hello foodie friends! There are few words to describe the amazingly busy hustle & bustle that is Shanghai. From the inner city area of Shanghai with a population of 14+ million to 24 mil (including it’s municipality.) It can be hard to get… 

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Homemade Mozzarella cheese

Curds & whey, my ultimate cheese lovers guide to making mozzarella cheese at home.

This recipe goes out to all the cheesaholics, (that’s me!) It’s a take on Curds & whey, my ultimate cheese lovers guide to making mozzarella cheese at home. Some may ask, why bother making cheese at all? (It’s true,)  there’s already so many amazing craftspeople & artisans out there. I can’t give you a good… 

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Chocolate fondant, mise en place

Chocolate fondant recipe for the chocoholic inside

Here’s a delicious recipe on how-to-make Chocolate Fondants. With a luscious chocolate ganache, they’re baked until just tender. Oozing with a molten middle, you’ll have a sure fire chocoholics hit! Oh chocolate, let me count thy ways…  I’ve got a slight addiction. I don’t know if my sweetheart knows of this, but a certain someone… 

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handmade turkish delight

Turkish Delight Recipe for beginners

Put your hand up if you love Turkish Delight? There’s something so wonderful about the jelly like bite of a pink & pearlescent square, as the icing sugar sticks onto your fingers! To this day, it’s still one of my dad’s favourites and I think my mum is quite partial to it too. Every major… 

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Road Trip

Road Trip on the Central Coast, NSW

Road Trip on the Central Coast NSW. A foodie’s adventures and road trip. Some time back, I was so happy to discover that I’d won a prize courtesy of Rojo Rocket for my snap of these amazing Tuna Tostadas (at Taste of Sydney.) Better yet with my Sweetheart recently celebrating a milestone birthday the big… 

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