A Chinese banquet for two….

the family pet…

For those who don’t know me or indeed haven’t read of my background before, I hail from a family where everyone was involved with food. My dad as a chef, my mother as the host and my brother as the business grad who majored in hospitality. Funny enough, my little sis and I seemed to have escaped into different fields and no one was more surprised than I, when I left to pursue my studies in Theatre and Costumes and remain there still 10yrs later today, working in the field and still running around backstage with costumes.


Fast forward to today. Now the majority of folks view my foodie filled days of galore and the occasional amateur happy snap and silly, silly words I write day to day whilst doing my part time study at school! The family business works in partnership now and this gives my folks some time in their business with a vested interest in the restaurant and part time travel to visit (us) all around the globe, including their darling grandchildren in Shanghai!


But back to me and most importantly the meal that my father cooked for me! What a meal it was and I can truly tell you he sent out 5 different courses for my mother and I.

I know…you’re thinking, less talk, more food and here it is as promised! Now if only I could get him to part with his recipes…hmmm….

San Choy Bao

Crispy Spring Rolls

Tofu, bean sprouts & spring veg

Salted, preserved duck with shallots

Steamed Tasmanian Salmon with ginger & shallots

And Last but not least my version of the after dinner mint…probably best known as Green Tea…


Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
95 Canning St,
Launceston, 7250
Tasmania, Australia