Chicken en Poule or Chicken in a Pot


Chicken en Poule or Chicken in a pot! We’ve been playing around with this method at school and one of the best things about a roast (any given roast) is that you dress it up, switch it on and forget about it. Well, at least forget about it for half a bottle of wine…

Time to get it on, Chicken in a Pot.


Check out my juicy bird…

Vegetables for the braise, eschallots, garlic, carrot & fennel

Time: 1:30hr (includes prep & rest time)

1 whole chicken, the one pictured is approx 1.5kg
Assorted vegetables for the braise. I’ve used carrots, eschallots, fennel & garlic.
Half a cup of white wine,
Butter and oil for basting,
Salt & pepper
Thyme or your herb of choice, (I’ve also used a little coriander to finish the veg too)


Chop the veg and colour for a few minutes in high heat in a pan with some oil until nice & golden.

I like to throw in a small amount of white wine, usually measured out in a small ramekin. Next step is to add the veg to a large casserole dish and arrange the chicken on top.

You may also slip some butter under the skin to kept the meat especially moist, don’t forget to season the skin & underside too.

Next, add the lid and set a timer for 30 mins.

Bake for the first 30 mins at 200C (392F) and after this time, reduce the temp to 180C or (350F) Baste the chicken with the juices and remove the casserole lid to allow the chicken to brown.

After an hour (**check the juices are running clear**) and switch the oven off.

Leave the casserole dish inside the oven to rest. I like to replace the lid to keep the dish warm. Any residual heat will help the chicken to relax, baste again if it looks dry.

**obviously if the chicken isn’t quite there you should leave it for another 10 with the heat on & then rest**

After 20 mins or so, dish the braised veg out and plate up,


Lastly, get that juicy Chicken at the ready to carve & demolish… Enjoy…