Casarecce pasta recipe for Barilla

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Sometimes we just need a quick & easy meal.

This tasty Casarecce pasta recipe for Barilla, is filled with Mushrooms & Pine nuts. Also made extra delicious with these Parmesan crisps! Luckily, it’s a great pantry meal too.

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Nothing says comfort me more, than a bowl of beautiful Pasta.

None more so, than the delicious range of pasta from Barilla Australia

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Opening my goodie hamper, I’m struck by the incredible variety of delicious options & possibilities. Looking at this array, I can feel my inner carboholic kicking in.

At the end of a busy week, pasta is such a perfect solution to a easy night in.

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So what makes this particular Casarecce Siciliane Pasta, dish, special to me?

Feeding my inner mushroom lover, I love my pasta with some butter, good olive oil and more goodness. This time round, with the addition of toasted pine nuts, fresh parsley & some parmesan crisps.

The textures of silky mushrooms contrast so delicately, with the al dente goodness of the Casarecce.

It’s so simple & nourishing.

What’s your favourite Pasta night stand-by meal? Leave a comment below!

Casarecce Pasta with Mushrooms & Pine nuts:

500g Barilla Casarecce pasta
500g Mushrooms assorted, button, enoki & shimeji
1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese-
Clove of garlic-chopped
Olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste,

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100g Toasted Pine nuts.
Handful chopped Parsley,

Parmesan wafer-
Preheat oven to 220C/428F,
Sprinkle the parmesan evenly onto a clean baking sheet.
Bake in oven & check after 3 mins.
If the cheese has bubbled, turn off the oven & leave wafer inside to dry out.

Prepare Pasta & set aside,

Clean & chop the assorted mushrooms,
Roughly chop the garlic clove,
In a hot pan, saute the mushrooms in a generous knob of butter & olive oil.
Add the garlic and cook for a minute, or until fragrant
Season mushrooms well and toss with the Casarecce Pasta

Garnish with the pine nuts, parsley and finish with the parmesan crisps, Just before serving.

Bon Appetito!

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Smashed Pea Crostini Recipe.


Wholesome Bread, sliced.

Smashed Pea Crostini. I love it.

Fact: There are a variety of foods which always make an appearance on my foodie playlist. 1) Tin tomatoes. 2) Eggs. 3) Rice…and so on.

Frozen peas are on that playlist too. By playlist, I of course mean pantry list. Don’t you think playlist sounds so much better though!

I love beans on toast and I love beans in things; so I liken this version of crostini to a fresh light & zesty version of “greeny things on Toast.”

Only so much lighter, quicker and better for you… err yes, on my not so guilty days when I didn’t eat cake for lunch…. #foodblogger problems.

There have been a variety of no bake, no cook days recently. Sad to say and I know, this is a cooking blog.

Nonetheless sometimes there are just those days or weeks, or months, (you know exactly what I mean.) They’re the days when you have to drag yourself off to that next thing you have to do & a 10 minute quick fix lunch is all you have time for, aka what you need.

smashed -pea-crostini.jpg

Smashed Pea Crostini

Got a little more time? Then take this topping to the next level, or this Pea Pesto. It’s the best!  

It too can be made so very quickly and tastes damn fine with pasta, or runny eggs, *sigh.*

Is there no dish that can’t be elevated to rock star status, with a good runny egg! Sometimes you might like it cheesey, (parmesan, feta, brilliant!) Some days, you might want to go nuts! You decide.

Whatever the outcome, save those extra minutes in cooking time. Enjoy that time out of the kitchen and give yourself permission to say “Yes!” Sometimes it’s okay to just eat peas, but if you’re going to do it.

Do it with Style!


Up close & personal, Smashed Pea Crostini

Sliced Bread, toasted
1 cup of frozen peas
Freshly boiled water, to cover peas
Lemon zest & juice
Parmesan cheese (optional.)
Salt & Pepper, to taste

More delicious ideas for Crostini to be found here. Happy Cooking & Brunching.

It ain’t easy being green…


Here’s another one pan wonder which is Gluten free, vegetarian and quick, quick, quick! It seems to be a current theme of late, not that (that’s) a problem. These little green goodies are a blessing in disguise, little green power balls in fact. They make a quick frittata-style omelette with goats cheese & coriander, in a flash!

Fact: it’ll take you as much time to make this one, as it does to cook an egg. Plus it looks as though you went to sooooo much more effort too ;)

4 Eggs or (allow two per person)
Knob of butter,
1/2 cup frozen peas
salt & pepper to season
Goats cheese,
Chopped coriander & Lemon cheeks to serve

You’ll need a medium sized frying pan, (non stick preferable,) a wooden spoon, a plate and a small bowl/jug and fork.



Heat the pan with the butter until it’s just melted over a medium heat,

Throw in the peas and cook gently for a minute or so until they defrost,

Smash with the back of a wooden spoon or (potato masher,) crushing them up a little,

Whisk 4 eggs in a jug or bowl and add to the pan, season with salt and pepper,

Shake the pan gently to distribute the peas and continue to cook on low,

Once the top is starting to set, invert onto a plate and slide the underside back in to cook for a few more seconds.

Check the to see it’s golden underneath and serve in thin wedges with some goats cheese, fresh coriander & lemon cheeks.


Brunch crostini platter & frenzy free weekends!


Happy Weekend everyone! Woke up this morning full of energy. A perfectly sunny day with not much to do. By this I mean no more moving, no cleaning or tidy ups of the old apartment and no boxes left to unpack hurrah!

So it’s time for a few favourite tunes in the background, a strong cup of tea and a cook-a-thon! To kick off a few of the recipe ideas in my head, I’ve decided on something quick and frenzy free for breakky today!

Even better, there are a few ingredients here which you probably already enjoy, but perhaps not in this combination. I’m hopeful that you’ll get to try these crostini soon and revel in these simple yet tasty flavours.


You’ll need some olive oil and a nice crusty bread (or sourdough) for the crostini,

Drizzle the bread with olive oil before grilling or toasting, be as frugal or generous as you like. Toast until ultra crisp and golden brown, the firmer the better as it will hold the toppings without getting too soggy later on.

1) Homemade Za’atar, greek yoghurt & olive oil crostini,

My version of the Home made za’atar mix includes Coriander seeds, Fennel seeds, Caraway seeds and Sesame seeds. Along with some good quality sea salt and cracked pepper you’ve got a pretty close substitute. Optional You can smash up the za’atar mix in a mortle & pestle or use as is, hint I find rubbing the mixture in a brown paper bag helps to release those aromas and break up the bigger spices.

Spread the Greek yoghurt generously onto the crostini and sprinkle lightly with the Za’atar mix and a drizzle of olive oil.


2) Smashed peas with lemon zest & Fetta crostini,

Take a handful of frozen peas blanched in hot water and drained. Add some salt & pepper, mix in and using a fork, mash with some grated lemon zest. Lastly spread on the crostini and serve with the crumbled Fetta.

3) Glorious fluffy clouds of Ricotta spread thick on the crostini, topped with a generous drizzle of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon.


Hopefully all breakfast cravings have been cured…till next time!

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